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p  ssytwinkle®


P*ssytwinkle® is your deepest spiritual center.


She is yoni, a Sanskrit word for source and creation.


She is sacral chakra, the locus of your intuition, sensuality, expression, truth and self-worth.


She is Shatki, your Divine Feminine energy of love and creativity.

She is the dwelling place of your soul.

P*ssytwinkle® turns your truth and desires into the roadmap of your life.

She creates the relationship you long for-templated by a loving relationship with yourself.

She lovingly leads you to the highest creational potential of your Feminine genius.

"Hello Love":
My P*ssytwinkle® Story.

I wasn't looking for P*ssytwinkle®. She was looking for me.

P*ssytwinkle® is the self-love you have been looking for. She honors what you love and desire. She stands for your truth even when no one else will. She is always there for you.

P*ssytwinkle® programs bring you back home to your truth, love, joy and your creative power to create the life and relationships you desire. 

  • Rediscover the source of self-love that you were born with.

  • Learn to re-attune to the voice of your intuition and wisdom that lives in your body.

  • Trust the wisdom of your feelings and the sacred roadmap of your desires. 

  • Access the creative power of P*ssytwinkle to create the life and relationship you desire.

What program participants say:

"What made me twinkle was a new way of looking at my life. Living, operating and feeling from a state of Lover (P*ssytwinkle
®) is the kind of life I want to live."
"I loved being a part of this experience a
nd believe that subsequent offerings are only going to grow more rich and fertile for the participants. Linda, you're a gifted, passionate teacher and you communicate beautifully!"

"Thank you so much, Linda! I really loved your class and will use these tools for the rest of my life!"

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