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Welcome Love

Hi! I'm Linda.
Self-love mage. Relationship whisperer.
Artist+Creativity guide

I teach the art of of self-love, creating cherishing relationships, and living a life that turns you on.


Because for so long, I did not know how. I traded my truth for acceptance, trusted my inner-critic over my inner-knowing, anxiously over-functioned and over-worked, compared myself to unfavorably to others - all to protect myself from the criticism and rejection I feared. Criticism and rejection that, ironically, I heaped upon myself. And I harmed my relationships, squashed my creativity, and wounded myself doing it. 

Until the day came when Love stopped taking no for an answer, and I was flooded with the light of the truth of who I am as the Beloved, read about it hereThe light illuminated my path of learning the create the best relationship I have ever had and the one I had been waiting for my entire life: My relationship with myself. A path that has enabled me to have the creative life I have always wanted, deeper and richer relationships, and to birth, in a new way every day, the woman inside me who was waiting to be born.

And I am still birthing myself, every single day.

 Now, I coach women the truly sacred art of self-love. To create lives rich in love, creativity and power from a sacred devotion to their truths, desires and Feminine essence.  And from the self-love blueprint they create to cherish themselves, to create a relationship in which they feel cherished by another.


As a life-long artist, I also mentor artists and creatives using these same self-love principles to sculpt the masterpiece of their unique, creative voices and take their inner critic out of the driver's seat.



Self love is a journey of remembering yourself as the Beloved.
Of rediscovering the beauty of your sacred inner garden, and nurturing the seeds of self-compassion, self-acceptance and self-forgiveness.
Of casting out the shadows of self-doubt, and basking in the warm brilliance of your true light. 
Of creating the relationship you desire..

But if now you are...

• Gaslighting your feelings.
• Struggling to feel safe, seen and cherished in your relationship. 
• Over-functioning, over-thinking and over-givi
• Feeling caught in the trap of perfectionism and comparing yourself to others.
• Housing a cruel and punishing inner voice.

• Never asking for and unable to receive provision.
• Having trouble creating healthy boundaries.
• Pushing yourself hard and feeling burned out.

Deprioritizing replenishment and pleasure.
• Contorting yourself out of your own truth to be accepted.
• Feeling lost and directionless.
• Abandoning your goals and the creation of your desires.

• Surrendering to living within your scarcity beliefs. 

... I can help you rediscover the love that already lives in you and create the life that you love and that loves you.


One-on-one coaching to get you on the path to YOU. 


Courses, workshops

and groups.

What my clients have to say:


"I had such a rich and insightful session with Linda! She’s an absolutely amazing coach to work with. She’s wise, full of amazing insights, compassionate, and has a way of getting to exactly what you need while making you feel safe and seen. Her presence is so soothing and her enthusiasm for her work shows. I really can’t say enough good things about her!"

“I felt like I was having a conversation with an expert listener and your passion for your work is inspiring.”

"Linda's guidance through a dark issue for me was spacious, deeply intuitive and incredibly powerful. She holds the light while spelunking the shadows and maintains a safe, compassionate space. She held the light of my truest self and did not let me waver from that in our time working together."

"So many aha moments...the treasures Linda revealed in my darkness when I couldn’t see….she leads me into the light."

"My sessions with Linda are filled with love, wisdom, acceptance, creativity, joy, new realizations, better understanding of myself and my goals, and encouragement."


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