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Your art wants you.

Your art wants to feel you- your love, your truth, your pleasure and your pain. It wants to play with your spirit and dance with your desire. It wants to lead you into the joy of feeling fully you. 


I'm Linda. Art was my first love. And my art loved me. After enjoying three decades as an artist and creative director for one of the world's most admired fashion retail companies, I longed to reconnect with my own creative voice. Nudged by the Universe to take an abstract painting workshop, I began a journey that not only healed my relationship with my art, but my relationship with myself in the most surprising, profound and life-changing ways.

Your relationship with your art practice reflects your relationship with yourself. It shows you how you attune to and trust your feelings- and how you don't. It reveals the ways you hide your truth. It can even reveal how you deny your full expression in your relationships to be loved. Because how you do one thing is how you do everything.

Your art practice is a portal to profound self-love, and the freedom to express your uniqueness in your relationships and beyond. Because when you love the creator, you love what the creator creates. The creator is you.

When you make your art:
Do you worry what people will think of it? 
Are you afraid of making mistakes?
Do you hold back and play it safe?
Do you compare your work to others'?
Is your inner voice critical and harsh?

Do you often feel disappointed with what you create?
Do you want to give up?

I know how bad that feels. And I know how to help you create an art practice that loves you as you are and creates art that you love- art that feels like you.

Let's chat. 

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