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Because what I care about and stand for is what I will bring to our work together.

I care about love and the beauty it creates. 

The truth it tells.

The ability it has to cherish us as we are.

The devotion it inspires.

The desire it holds.


I care about desire-

The tender vulnerability it reveals.

The courage is summons.

The creative power it wields.


I care about creativity-

The way it releases the restraints of perfection.

The way it dances with curiosity.

The way it invite us the potential of a taking risks,

and to grow our tolerance for it.

The ways it trusts us and trusts life.


I care about eros-

The way it shows ego the door

and opens us up to love life as it is.

And to ourselves as we are.

The way it unites body and spirit.

The way it dances with our pleasure.

The way it inspires our evolution.

I care about evolution-

The way it leads us towards to our best selves

and the lives we were created for, inspired by our desires.

The way it shines the light of self-compassion on our shadows

so that we may gather their priceless gems for our growth.

I care about you.

About helping you clear your roadblocks and limiting self-beliefs.

About helping you harness the creational superpowers

of your Feminine-  your love, your desire, your pleasure,

your knowing- your divine Eros.

About helping you seat the sovereign within you on her throne

to ordain your desires.

And then helping you raise the Masculine Champion within you

to create them in your world.  

About helping you reach your highest expression as a beloved co-creator

with the Divine that you are.

I bring to my coaching work:

My coaching training at The Relationship School.

My instruction in the co-creational polarity of Feminine and Masculine energetics, within and without. 

My instruction in the the principles of manifestation.

A lifetime as an artistic creator.

My passion for helping people create the lives and relationship they desire through profound self -devotion, self- compassion and self-responsibility.  

Twenty five years of being a mom to a daughter who teaches me every day.

Twenty eight years of marriage to a wonderful man guy who Iovingly uncoupled along side me when our soul contract expired.

Over thirty years as a creative professional and leading creative teams through the creative challenges and the awesome and breathtaking potential of disruption and change. 

My gratitude for my own on-going breathtaking, courageous, vulnerable, tearful, joyful, challenging, creational, deeply illuminating and healing personal growth journey towards my wholeness and potential.

To know me is to know what I care about.

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