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The Art of Us

Intimacy is deeply knowing someone, and feeling deeply known.

Intimacy grows when we reveal our true selves to our partner and what we love, need and desire. Intimacy flourishes when we are curious about our partner's world, and peer deeply into their souls to discover what they value and appreciate. Intimacy requires trusting that are safe to be who we are in our intimate relationship.

Your intimate relationship with is a co-creation. Are you creating the relationship you both desire?

I have experienced the pain of feeling disconnected from the one I love in relationship. I know the struggle of finding a way back to closeness.

It happens.

  • Have the demands of life put connecting with each other too low on your to-do list?

  • Have you been struggling with your differences and feel a wedge growing between you?

  • Are your longing to more deeply know your partner's heart, and to have them more deeply know yours?

  • Do you yearn for the depth connection that you once, had but now seems elusive?

Hi, I'm Linda. I am Creative Life and Love Coach and an artist. 


My art practice shows me the power that art has to reveal to us who we are and what we love.

My training as a relationship coach taught me about the fundamental needs we all have to feel safe, seen, heard and understood in our relationships.

I bring my unique combination of passion for art and relationships to help clients create an intimate connection with themselves and their partners.


In the Art of Us class, I invite you to:


  • Know each other's hearts in new way. 

  • Communicate to each other in a language you haven't used before. 

  • Jump-start your curiosity about each other.

  • Feel inspired to appreciate each other.

  • Reopen the door to your intimacy. 

Zoom class with the two of you

Scheduled at a mutually convenient time.

  • Session one 

    • You will each receive the questionnaire that will connect you with your most powerful creative energy: what you love.

    • I will provide the step-by-step process and materials list suggestions. (The materials can be inexpensive kid paint, house painting brushes you already have and a roll of paper was least 36" wide.)

  • Between sessions 

    • You will each create your own Art of Us.

  • Session two

    • ​You will share your creations and we will celebrate what you learned about yourself, what you cherish about your life, and what you have learned about each other. 

    • You will begin to explore together your new-found insights and what you desire to co-create together.


4-5 hour, in-person class with me in my Seattle studio


  • I will guide you to prepare your heart and soul to create of your Art of Us. 

  • I will provide all art materials.​

  • I will provide the coaching you may need to move through blocks.

  • ​I will serve canapés and beverages as you celebrate your creations, what you learned about yourselves and each other

  • You will begin to explore together your new-found insights and what you desire to co-create together.


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