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Taking our own medicine.

If you’re alive, you’re gonna get worked.

Life- like the god of the underworld that initiated Persephone into consciousness no matter how much she begged to be spared- will have its way with us.

I know this stuff, I coach this stuff, but when it happens to me it feels as shitty as it does to everyone else.

And, just like you, I was born equipped with my own medicine:

A medicine that many of us put away, had taken away, then forgot that we ever had:

Our true identity as Beloved: Cherished and adored.

Not just when we are perfect, doing it right, approved of- all the time.

In the bleakness of darkness, that was the last thing it felt like I would find, but I did.

I found it not as an idea, a thought, a concept of my mind, but as a feeling in my body that has always been available to me.

Because it is within our bodies that our soul’s dwell.

And it is through our bodies that we find it again.

As children we knew that:

We knew ourselves through our feelings.

We delighted in ourselves through our senses. We experienced our bodies as antennas of the Divine.

Until the ice-cold reality hit us that the world has other ideas of who we need to be, so we sever our connection to ourselves, because, well, that connection just “causes problems”.

Until we are so out of alignment that life needs to intervene, grabbing us by the hair, and dragging us down hard to challenge the false protection of our egoic identities and return us to integrity with ourselves,

Down and up we go, again and again, season after season like Persephone: death, begetting life begetting death, begetting life…

To face our ogres in the dark, ingest the seeds of truth and wisdom to birth our gold.

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